when the truth is shared, darkness flees

The truth is I’m a people pleaser.

I always have been. Chalk it up to my personality or being a first born or whatever. But I am. A people pleaser. That’s the truth.

I’ve learned to stand up for myself more. To refuse to be manipulated. To voice my thoughts. To follow the path God has for me, not anyone elses. But inside, I’m still eaten up by people pleasing. Or the fact that I’m not people pleasing.

Even more than all that, my tendency is to approach my relationship with Jesus from this people pleaser point of view. Just tell me what you want me to do, Jesus. Just give me the list of “do’s” and I’ll check them off. I want to please you.

Except that Jesus isn’t pleased by a completed checklist; He is pleased by a humble heart seeking Him. Even if that heart is broken. And wayward. And prone to people pleasing.

Over the last several weeks I have felt a gradual re-igniting inside me. To know Jesus, to love Him, to read His Word, to love others. More. And not just because I want to check those things off my list.

But because I just want Jesus.

One major thing that’s added fuel to the flame is this. Yesterday I came across a group of ladies on Twitter who are going through the 35 day Soul Detox plan via YouVersion. These ladies even created a hashtag – #SheReadsTruth – for the group so everyone can share via Twitter and Instagram what they’re learning. So good.

And so much what I needed. It’s amazing to me how uniting with other Believers in reading God’s Word breaks down the walls of spiritual isolation. It blesses. It encourages. It uplifts. It inspires. It motivates. It offers wide places, sunshine, freedom and refreshment. When the Truth is shared, darkness flees.

Anyone can join! It’s not too late to start. If you feel like you need a little re-igniting. Just because you want Jesus…

Join us.

Join me.


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