3 ways to live your dreams

When you find yourself saying:

“I can’t”
“I couldn’t”
“It’s impossible”

Ask yourself “why?”

Do you feel a real point of caution? Something you need to pray about more, think on more, evaluate more before moving ahead? Ok. Then do those things.

But are you saying those things (and I would venture a guess this applies 90% of the time) because you’re afraid?

Afraid of risk.
Afraid of failure.
Afraid of ________ [fill in the blank]

None of those things are worth fearing. What is worth fearing is missing the chance to live your dreams.

So, tried and true…from personal experience… Here are 3 ways to live your dreams:

1. Write them down.

Sometimes ink & paper/black & white is the difference between a dream forgotten and a dream realized. When I take the time to write my dreams down – really, truly, honestly – I almost always begin to see that I really, really want my dreams to become reality and that my dreams aren’t as intimidating as I thought they were.

2. Pick a starting point.

Every dream has one. While it’s important to see the big picture view of your dream, no matter where you’re headed, every dream starts with a first step. Take some time to sit down with the dreams you wrote out and figure out what the starting point is for each of them.

3. Make them happen.

Once you’ve written down your dreams and picked your starting points, it’s time to make your dreams happen. No “ifs” “ands” or “buts.” Start now. Right now. No excuses. No one else can live your dreams for you. Only you can.

Bonus: Don’t give up. EVER.

And… here’s a little more encouragement for you.


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