trip to the lake (a.k.a. paradise)

Wednesday evening after work we headed out. This seems to be a tradition of ours. Heading out as everyone else is heading home. Bags packed and in the trunk. A quick gas station stop for water and snacks. Oh…and Braum’s this time for french fries and vanilla milkshakes.

It always takes me a while to unwind. It was no different Wednesday evening. The cars finally thinned out as we traveled south. The sun glinted low through the trees. The route became fresh, no longer familiar. I began to feel it then. Adventure. Opening its blanket wide over my soul, smoothing it out, preparing for rest, relaxation.

I forget what’s behind in those moments. My eyes are only ahead, on the horizon. Expecting the wonderful. Hoping for the amazing. And I was not disappointed.

We had a wonderful 24 hours on Lake Worth. Matt’s aunt & uncle are amazing, so kind and hospitable. We felt like we were at our own bed & breakfast resort. I woke up at 9am (Matt left early to take a PT test – and passed!), ate breakfast on the patio, had a long talk with Mom via phone. Then I put my swim suit on and didn’t take it off until almost 4 pm.

It was a magical day with quiet…stillness deep in my heart & soul. Refreshment. Sunshine. The pool. La Croix. Tanning lotion. Time with my love. Talking. Dreaming. Just soaking it all up. Thanking the Lord over and over again.

Then that evening we took the boat to The Boathouse for dinner. I about died. A boat ride on the lake…to dinner…then a boat ride back to the house as the sun was setting. It was fabulous. Matt and I were so, so blessed. It was one of those times…as we drove away, his aunt & uncle waving to us as we left…that we were bursting with gratefulness.

For life. For each other. For family. For memories that we will cherish for a lifetime.


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