why we’re doing the messy work

It doesn’t take much work to dream.

You can dream sitting still. You can dream sleeping.

It takes a whole lot of work to put dreams into action. To draw them out into the light of reality.

A whole lot of work.

But somehow – when you’re busy working out your dreams – the working out doesn’t seem like work any more. The magic of “doing” takes over and – before you know it – you’re flying.

And they said that was impossible…


This is the place we’ve come to. Matt and I. We’re running with our dreams right now… On June 24th, we’ll be flying.

We’re ready for take off. We’re ready to soar.

When we tell people that we’re leaving here and going to Germany without a pre-determined plan of exactly what or how… Sometimes the response is a mixture of “why?” then “weird” then “wish I could do that, too.”

But you can. It’s a matter of choice. It’s a matter of priority. It’s a matter of dreaming vs. doing.

Matt and I have the biggest question answered: why?

Because we want to be doers, not just dreamers.


I read this post by Jeff Goins and he has this to say about that:

The way I see it, you have only two choices:

  1. You can spend your days dreaming of a better life.
  2. Or you can do the messy work of taking your dream to the world.

And that is the truth Matt and I have come to discover. Up to this point. We’ve realized that “the messy work”  of living out our dreams is worth it.

Worth the risk.
Worth the questions.
Worth the doubts.
Worth the mistakes.
Worth the difficulties.

Because those things lead to:

God’s best.

Dreaming is easy. But doing is where true living really exists.


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