the unintentional “getting up earlier” experiment

I am not a morning person.

But last Friday I read a great blog post on getting up just 15-30 minutes earlier each week day. Not trying to beat any world records – just 15-30 minutes earlier than I normally would. Read: I am an 8 hour of sleep every.single.night. kind of gal.

Quite unintentionally (maybe I was subconsciously making it a goal?), I woke up bright-eyed and ready to go Monday morning at 6am. A full 45 minutes earlier than I normally would. I even went for a short run.

And I woke up early again Tuesday morning (proof: photo above). Except I wasn’t so bright-eyed. Something definitely happens (or doesn’t happen) whenever you’re in a deep sleep when the alarm goes off. I think I officially “woke up” at about 9:30am. Haha.

Wednesday was good. I got out of bed at 6:20am, went for a run, got ready for the day and even made breakfast before we had to head out the door.

Thursday was essentially my day off from getting up early. BUT I did get up 10 minutes earlier than I normally would have before this week started. And we were ready to head out the door a full 10 minutes early, too (imagine that!).

I got out of bed a little before 6:20am on Friday morning (today). With a really bad headache. I’m like a human barometer…low and behold, a front was moving in. But Matt cheered me on and we went for a walk/jog. And I made us protein shakes. And I got ready for work and left right on time.

Even though this week of getting up earlier was an unintentional experiment of sorts, I’m seeing the benefits and (can’t believe I’m saying this – am I sleep-talking????):



1. I feel like I have half my “to do” list done before I even start my work day.

Which is amazing. It’s freeing. It’s motivating. Before I even head to work I’ve been able to do things like: go for a run, make lunch, do my quiet time, catch up on paperwork (bills, letters, card writing, etc). A-mazing!

2. I have a better chance of starting the day “on the right foot” spiritually.

Because I have more time. To read a devotional. Meditate on Scripture. Listen to praise music. Think on Jesus. And I don’t feel rushed. Rushed (for me) = zero focus on what really matters.

3. I feel way more energized physically.

Because of the runs. But also because I’m more tired at night now, so I’ve been sleeping way better (yes!) and waking up  more refreshed. It’s a win-win-win.

4. I can imagine that may days are longer.

Just because I get more done. More checked off my “to do” list. Off my plate. As weird as it seems (you know, the fewer hours of sleep thing??) – I have more time to relax. More time to be rejuvenated. More time to just be.

And I’ll trade a little sleep for these things any day.

Question: Are you a morning person? What are some of the things you’ve found help you get up earlier?

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2 thoughts on “the unintentional “getting up earlier” experiment

  1. I would say I am definitely not a morning person. At the same time, I’m also not a like-to-sleep-WAY-in kind of a person. I’m somewhere in the middle. My biggest struggle with it is 1) physically I have a hard time and it wipes me out, and 2) Dan’s schedule is always so very different. I’d love to be on more of a schedule and wake up earlier. A couple of years ago when life was more “normal” I got up earlier very consistently for awhile. What made it the easiest was to get out of bed right away when my alarm went off. If I laid there to think about getting up it made it so.much.harder. So, no snoozing, no thinking about how I wish I could sleep longer…just get up and do it worked best for me. : )

    • I hear ya, girl! Every season in life requires an adjustment. Don’t know what’s going to happen in a few weeks when our travel adventure starts, haha. And I am the same way – I have the best success when I get up right when the alarm goes off.

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