the weekend times

(Saturday morning coffee on the patio is the best!)

It’s Wednesday and I’m already craving the weekend. Remembering last weekend will have to do for now.

It was a good one.

We went with Mom & Dad & Lid to Old Germany Friday evening. We lingered long at our table, drank good beer, ordered an appetizer, enjoyed the live accordion music and ate some excellent food. It was perfect.

Saturday Lid and I went downtown to get some spring pics for her. Except it wasn’t spring like out…it was really, really hot! We still got a ton of great shots, grabbed a half price frappuccino afterwards and had some quality sister time.

After church on Sunday, Matt and I grabbed a sandwich and had an impromptu picnic at Myriad Gardens – our new favorite place to go.

And Ruby loves the weekends, too – because it means she gets to take her afternoon nap on our bed 😉

Somewhere in between the Sunday picnic and afternoon nap, we found ourselves in the Botanical Gardens. We had been once before – on the first weekend we spent together, almost a year ago.

This time was just as perfect. And this time reminded us SO much of Fiji! Ahhhhhh! It almost drove me crazy how much. It was just beautiful and refreshing. Loved the scents and the gorgeous blooms…and the butterflies!

Sunday evening was begging for a hot dog roast…and s’mores. So we delivered. The weather was perfect. The company was the best. And my marshmallows ended up being a delicious, golden brown.

Our weekend times are the best. Delightful. Filled to the brim with good memories. I’m especially thankful for this extra time with my parents before we leave. They are two of the most generous people I know and have welcomed us into their home while still giving us room to live our own lives. God has truly blessed us through them. Thank you, Mom & Dad!!! 🙂

It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that we are leaving here in 30 days. Just 30 days. Too short, too long. But I know in my heart it’s just right. The timing is God’s timing. We are completely at peace.

Oh, and yesterday we bought Rick Steve’s Germany 2012! You know, just in case this adventure wasn’t official before.


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