moving week begins

All I keep thinking is: this is really happening.

It’s really, really happening.

Tonight we take our first load of stuff to the storage unit. We have been packing like mad. Still getting rid of stuff. Selling stuff. I scheduled the stop service for all our utilities. We empty the fridge tonight; wipe it out and unplug it tomorrow. Friday will be our last night in the house.

We’ve made a couple of Lowes runs. A couple of ICEE runs.

I’ve thought a little about the things I will miss…the abundance of windows (hence light) in this house. The backyard. The HOUSE. Haha. It has been so good to us…and for us. Such a blessing.

We had a little break in our week Saturday evening with dinner at my sister’s place. So much fun. She has done a beautiful job decorating her apartment. And she did an amazing job serving up a delicious dinner and dessert. I love the times of fellowship we have all together. Going to miss that, too.

With every thought of something I will miss, comes a thought about something I am so excited for: seeing new places, fresh adventures together, our beach trip, D.C., Germany!, time to breathe, time to be, time to pursue my writing more… And those thoughts are followed by: this is really happening. And I can hardly believe it.

More on our moving week…after our moving week is over 😉


2 thoughts on “moving week begins

  1. Aaaah! SO exciting! I love that you and Matt are living out your dreams. : ) Hope the rest of the week goes smoothly and that God gives you guys some great times with your family before your trip begins.

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