33 hours of adventure

Our latest adventure consisted of:

1. 33 hours…14 of which were spent in the car (but who doesn’t love a road trip???)
2. Yummy food – home made chicken quesadillas, an excellent brunch at Another Broken Egg, Greek food from Yeero, Yeero (Matt’s pick after his test) and ICEE’s.
3. Beautiful sunsets
4. Sour gummy worms and Red Hots
5. Visiting the R.W. Norton Art Gallery (thanks to TripAdvisor’s #1 rating)… a quiet, simple museum that we really enjoyed…and walking through beautiful grounds on a beautiful day.
6. Afternoon spent at Starbucks for me; an afternoon of test taking for Matt.
7. Fiji water
8. Pulling off on a back country road to turn off the car and look at the stars through the sunroof.
9.  A thunderstorm…and a hail storm…and a rain storm.
10. Sleeping in a gas station parking lot while said storms rolled through.
11. And then home.

And so much more than that. So many things that are increasingly difficult for me to put into words because of the magnitude of emotions behind them. Except that I love him…the man that I married. And he is wonderful and amazing and so, so sweet to me.

And spontaneous adventures are the best. So are planned ones, come to think of it. Adventures. Period. As long as I am with Matt. I don’t care where we go or what we do. There is never a dull moment.

33 hours and my heart feels more alive. My love for Matt even deeper. My excitement for the future that much greater.

Onto the next adventure!


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