t-minus 11 days

Curtains make such a huge difference in a room. It’s crazy. I guess I knew that before, but taking down the curtains in our living room really reminded me again.

It looks empty. And foreign.

I will admit that I’ve relived memories as I’ve started packing. It’s been barely 6 months since it became our house…a year since Lydia and I moved in. But there are still so many memories. And we’ve loved every minute.

With the twinge of sadness knowing we’re saying goodbye to our first home, comes the thrill of excitement for what lies ahead. It is increasingly clear to Matt and I that we are in the center of the Lord’s will, the only place to be.

I am thankful that we’ve purged as much as we have. And sold as much as we have. It makes packing that much easier. It’s freeing. Life builds up so much…until you have to fit it into a 10×10 storage unit, you don’t really realize how much.

Although change can be a little scary and saying good-bye is never something I like to do, moving has always been fun to me. The newness. A chance to start over. Pare down. Clear out. The smell of packing tape and boxes. Suitcases filling up.

And Sonic runs…

11 days to go.

That’s crazy. 


2 thoughts on “t-minus 11 days

  1. Oh, wow! Is that eleven days until you leave for Germany or eleven days left in your house? Will pray for peace and that you’d find more “little moments” to enjoy these last few days! ~Amy

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