five for five

This time last year Matt and I hadn’t even met yet. Well, at least not officially. I had seen his profile on eHarmony…not sure if he had seen mine yet. I had basically forgotten about my secret wish…that he would write me. Or at least ask to communicate with me. For goodness sake, I would be willing to go through “the questions” if the hunk in the profile picture would just ask 😉

That was coming soon. But not yet. I was still totally unaware of all that God had planned. In fact, almost a year later it still boggles my mind. Even now when the hunk in the profile picture holds me in his arms. It’s still dawning on me…breaking over my heart in waves of awe and gratefulness… I am astounded at God’s ways.

Celebrating 5 months of living my dream come true. Living with my dream come true.

Now, five for five…

1 Being married to Matt is like a new life, fresh, fully completed. It’s like everything I ever thought it would be and more. The “more” is: sharing my heart deeply with another on a level I never thought possible, moment-by-moment knowing I am loved, being reminded of that constantly, being cared for, watched over, served, having an “adventure mate” – someone to share the big things and the little things with daily.

2 This present life is my reality, but it doesn’t erase the past that built me. The past is still a very real part of who I am – and why I love Matt like I do, live like I do, think like I do, feel like I do. With out the past I would not be who I am. God used it to shape me & mold me in ways I could never have imagined. It was painful. At the time. But so freeing now. I’m still in process, it’s just that this season I am walking hand-in-hand with another human being (my love) who is still in process, too. Living life together, thankful for our pasts but anticipating the future even more.

[picnic on campus, finding shapes in the clouds & soaking up the beautiful day]

[sno-cones at our favorite place: mai tai w/fresh lime for me & strawberry daiquiri for him]

[evening picnic in the backyard, candlelight, good food & wine and even better company]

3 We make the most of every moment. Or we strive to. Even still sometimes moments slip by…but not many. Most are fully noticed, recorded, lived fully. Absolutely all of them are precious – prayed for, longed for, celebrated now. Our prayer is that we won’t let any moment slip by unnoticed, that we will revel in each one – and in the One who is making them possible. Each one is a gift. To be opened, to be enjoyed, to be thankful for. And we are thankful.

4 Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. This is something we knew before we met. Now we have perfected it. Anything becomes spectacular because we’re together. Going to Wal-Mart becomes spectacular. And that’s huge. It doesn’t take much – money or time or effort. Most adventures are just waiting to be found, to be noticed. We are in the business of noticing.

5 What brought us together, what keeps us together – or Who – is something I will never take for granted. Our love story is my favorite. And our love story is still being written…day-by-day, moment-by-moment. Woven, written, recorded. Just like it should be, just like it is. Who we are individually makes who we are together even better. We are our own…but us. A miracle, a mystery. And lovely.


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