trip to the south [in iphone pics]

Twenty things about our most recent travel adventure:

  1.  Road trips are the best. Even when it’s midnight and pouring rain. Matt got us through safe & sound!
  2.  Matt says Red Hots are where it’s at (except when he can get his hands on some Atomic Fire Balls).
  3.  Arkansas has about 1 million more semi trucks on its roads than necessary.
  4.  Spring rains are lovely. The bright green of the trees and grass afterwards can’t be compared.
  5.  We played Mexican Train.  A lot. And I didn’t win.
  6. The first day of our trip I read my book. And I took a 2.5 hour nap.
  7. Morning coffee on the back porch is the best way to start a day.
  8. The flowers, the weather,  everything was gorgeous.
  9. We got a Sonic slush and then headed for the river. Yes, it’s called the Tennessee – Tombigbee.
  10. It was hot.
  11. My husband can tear up the keys. He played some mean Chopin for us.
  12. The flowers.were.amazing.
  13. Southern food is good. Catfish fillet. Hush-puppies. Cole slaw. French fries. Sweet Tea. Lemon Pie.
  14. Hot day + Sno-cone = perfection.
  15. We visited the MSU campus and Matt, his mom and brother all took a trip down memory lane.
  16. My hair is getting really long.
  17. Maxwell is a Jack Russell. Maxwell is an energetic Jack Russell.
  18. Coffee in the morning is a necessity. Starbucks coffee in the morning is a privilege.
  19. The drive home was really long. But we made it fun.
  20. For the record: you can get a sunburn through a car window.

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