what made my thursday [sitting on the back porch]

Yesterday evening we headed east for Matt’s parent’s house. We out ran the storms for the most part…just a little rain and slushy hail…and then more rain near Nashville. Rain & darkness are not always the best combination.

We made it in late, tired, ready to climb into bed. We slept until late morning and woke up to more rain…a gently, falling rain this time. A rain that dripped off the eaves as it magically turned everything green and called out the blooms from the flower garden in the yard. A rain that made ripples with each steady drop into the goldfish pond and provided a spring chorus for our enjoyment.

We sipped our coffee as we sat on the back porch, serenaded by the beauty around us and soaking in the comfortable feeling of sleeping in, seeing loved ones and anticipating a day filled with no obligations – just relaxation. We talked about the last time we sat on that porch. Over seven months ago now, before we were married. I have two sparkly rings on my left hand now, instead of just one. And a husband instead of a fiancé.

These last seven months have been good to us. God has been good to us. And I am grateful beyond words.


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