our date on the wild side

We decided Sunday afternoon was perfect for a trip to the zoo. It was cloudy and kind of cooler then it has been (despite the very high humidity). The sky looked like it was on the verge of a storm all day. And it was just a *little* windy. We ate our Subway sandwich in-between gusts of wind on a grassy, little knoll overlooking the pond. And almost got attacked by man-eating geese…no worries, we survived.

But the weather meant that the animals (including the geese, obviously) made more of an appearance and that was worth the humidity and wind.

Best animal shot of the day taken by Matt:

No, I wasn’t going for the same facial expression as the cougar. It just kind of worked out that way.

We saw almost all of the exhibits and successfully navigated the bazillion strollers and littles running around. And my handsome date bought us some delicious cotton candy. 

Life with this guy is good. Really good. And a ton of fun. We were like little kids – going from one exhibit to another, inhaling cotton candy and making voices for the animals (okay…that last one was really just me).

Then we went home, got a quick run in, got all showered and comfy in our pj’s, pulled out the St. Patty’s Day leftovers and watched Hatari! with John Wayne. We couldn’t help it. It just seemed like the perfect “wild” end to our date on the wild side 😉


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