his embrace…and home

I love the way he holds me – close and safe against his chest. His arms are wrapped tight as though to block out all the worries, all the cares of the world. I hear his heartbeat. I feel his love. I can’t get enough.

I stand on my tip-toes and bury my face in his neck, breathing deep of his scent. He smells so wonderful. I want to stay like that forever. I want to freeze that moment and always remember how it feels. It never gets old.

I can face anything, conquer anything in his embrace. It strengthens, it calms. It makes me believe that anything is possible as long as we are together.


At times it seems like June 24th will never get here. The times that we sit in traffic. The times I sit at my desk. At other times it seems like the days are flying. Just about 6 weeks left here in this house. It’s been good to us. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since Lydia and I first moved in. How much has changed! The memories this house has seen in 12 short months is astounding. Life here has been rich. In love. In happiness. In dreams come true. In encouragement. In time with family & friends. Everything.

I couldn’t have imagined last January when the Lord laid it on my heart to start looking for a house that He would not only bless us with a house – but also a home. Now for Matt and I, our first home together. It will always be remembered. Thankfully it is well documented 😉 But I could never forget anyways.

The sunlight streaming in the windows on a Saturday morning.
Hearing the birds in the trees out back.
Pulling into our very own garage. Because garages are really nice.
The soft feel of the carpet between my toes.
Our wedding pictures everywhere.
The meals this kitchen has seen. Oh, the meals.
Candles flickering as I soak in the garden tub.
Thanksgiving & Christmas here. Valentines Day.

It has been a wide, open space. Blessing after blessing following some really hard times in my life. I am grateful for God’s grace. He sees. He hears. He knows.

I will say my good-byes to this house with a twinge of sadness for sure…but also with a heart full of hope. I know this next year is going to be just as wonderful as this past one has been. It might even surpass it. Now that’s a thought… 😉


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