so i don’t forget

There are some things in life…some moments…so wonderful that I feel as though I’d have to relive them at least four times to really, really soak them in completely. Because I forget so easily. Even the best moments. Some are burned indelibly on my memory, but many wonderful moments slip by and are forgotten. And that’s why I write. I don’t want to forget anything. Especially of this first year of marriage. This first year with my very best friend.

Last Wednesday evening we drove straight to Eskimo Sno after work. It was kind of spur of the moment, kind of planned. I told Matt I wanted to steal him away, take a break in the middle of our week and pretend it was Saturday evening. I don’t have any pictures because we made a pact to forget we had phones for the evening. It was a blast. I love having pictures from our days, but many times the best memories are much better experienced face to face and not through a camera lens (or phone screen). I forget that sometimes.

At the sno cone place I got a Margarita Swirl with fresh lime and Matt got a Dreamsicle with extra cream. We talked about anything and everything and just enjoyed each other’s company. After that we picked up some wine, drove home belting out Josh Turner songs and put together a quick picnic spread – BLT’s, chips and carrots w/ranch dip. Oh…and a glass of wine, of course 😉 We sat on the living room floor and ate and talked.

We finished the evening with a round of checkers. I haven’t played in years, but I’m happy to say I gave Matt a run for his money. We decided on a tie because we both had two Queens going around and around the board, never getting anywhere. And it was getting late. Haha. We had a blast. It truly felt like a Saturday evening in the middle of the week – so needed and so wonderful.

We are big on celebrating. Anything, really, but especially every anniversary we have together – no matter how big or how small. Since Friday was our 4 month anniversary, Saturday evening we headed to Outback Steakhouse to spend a gift card we got from Matt’s brother and sister-in-law for Christmas.We got drinks and two big, delicious steak dinners. We sat up at the bar and enjoyed the ambiance, the complimentary bread, the people talking, watching all the different drinks being made, sitting side-by-side. It was fun to be out, dressed up a little more than usual, together.

After dinner we gravitated to the bookstore nearest us – Barnes & Noble. It’s become addictive. We’ve started going there on Tuesdays – our impromptu date night – since we have a couple hours between work ending and C-Group beginning. It’s nice to pick up a book or two and read a few chapters and have the freedom to put it back on the shelf without spending a dime.

My Barnes & Noble pick right now is “7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess.” After a few more bookstore dates, I should have it finished and I plan to write my own little book review for anyone interested. What I can tell you right now is I’m just part way into the second chapter and I didn’t want to put it down. I almost made Matt spend the night at Barnes & Noble so I could finish it. It’s that good. Matt spent his time in the history section, history buff that he is. I love him.

Sunday called for another impromptu date adventure. It was such a beautiful day, we couldn’t help it. We grabbed lunch from Subway and made our way to Lake Hefner. It was beautiful and warm (albeit a tad windy) and we found a place for our blanket beside a [insert name here because I don’t know what it is] tree in bloom. We ate and talked while the sun shone down. Then we laid side by side and just talked. It was one of those deeper conversations that you can’t plan, that just happen, where two hearts and minds and souls connect in a fresh way.

We relaxed, breathed in the scent of the blooms, felt the warm sun on our faces. It was our own little world of peace. The peace that is a Sunday afternoon in the sun spending time with your very best friend. After a while I might have said something like, “I wish there was a sno-cone place around here.” Matt’s eyes lit up and the hunt was on.

In the end we couldn’t find one close enough, so we ended up going to our new hang out – Eskimo Sno. I got the Cherry Limeade this time and Matt stuck with his Dreamsicle. Perfection. And we couldn’t stop talking about how much fun we had, how special it was to spend that time together. Another dream date.

And there it is. Written down, recorded. So I don’t forget.


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