the process begins [the great purge]

Buying the tickets was the first step. One way tickets into Frankfurt. And our dream became a little more real. We’ve been talking about this for a long time, since before we were married. We both knew we wanted to go back to Germany someday. After going through the pros and cons (again and again) and praying about it for several weeks, we decided that someday was June 24th.

To say we are excited is an understatement. There is a whole lot of work to be done between now and the end of June. Coaxing a dream into reality is not a snap-of-the-fingers process. It takes focus, to do lists, lots of sweat, plans and prayers.

Turning in my notice at work was the second step. A big step, but we are both at peace. This is right for us. Sometimes life comes to a fork in the road and there are two options: now or never. We chose now. It seems a little crazy. Maybe a lot crazy to some people. Sometimes I feel crazy when I think about it. But I’d rather be crazy and live a full, exciting life than be normal.

And I’ve never been normal. When I think about my life up to this point, I am not surprised by this path we’re on. It fits. I’m so thankful to have married Matt – he’s crazy, too, and ready for adventure and craves a full, exciting life just like me. As long as we are together, truly, I could live anywhere and do anything. The freedom in that can’t be calculated.

So, now begins the process of preparing…the slow and steady walk towards June 24th. I’ve decided – since I love to write and take pictures – that it only makes sense to document our Germany Adventure here on the blog. From beginning to end. The ups and downs. The exciting and the mundane details no one probably cares about but us.

Saturday I started what I will call “The Great Purge.” It’s only the beginning, but it’s a start – to the throwing away, giving away and selling. And it felt good. Just when I start to feel like we live pretty simply, I pull this out of cabinets, drawers and closets…including two bags of trash…

Really!?!? How does that even happen?

In reality, all we are taking to Germany are our checked bags, but we don’t want to put anything into storage that we don’t really, really, really want. We are excited to downsize.

To let go.

To simplify.

To be free of stuff.

Free to fly.


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