what made my thursday [life in the sun]

We steal away for a while to take a little walk. We step off the path and walk across the grass, smiling, holding hands. Oh, the weather is marvelous and we are so excited to be free. We go to our place by the fountain with the benches. It’s somewhat protected from the wind and out of the way. We can imagine it’s in another world.

We sit and we talk. I slip off my shoes and stretch out my toes toward the fountain. The water sprays us lightly when the wind picks up. The sun shines down and we close our eyes, pretending we’re on the beach or at the pool. I want to splash in the fountain like the little boy who runs up with his sister, squealing with delight. He sticks the top of his head under the water. We smile and his father calls them away.

I sigh, lay my head on Matt’s shoulder, close my eyes again. He kisses my hair. We sit in contented silence…just breathing in and out, our heart beats falling into sync with one another. This is life…life how it was meant to be lived. Not in the rush, the rat race, the accepted, the expected.

Life outside-the-box.

Life beyond-the-limits.

Life in-the-simple-moments.

Life in-the-sun.


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