a simple way to make a BIG difference

Click here for a simple way to make a BIG difference.

In today’s economy we’ve normally got to give a lot (or jump through a bunch of hoops at the very least) to make a small difference. But I know of one example where that truth is reversed…and, in fact, doesn’t cost a thing.

I’ve been sharing on Facebook. And I’ve been tweeting. But I wanted to go a step further and write a blog post, too.

Sole Hope is an amazing non-profit organization that was started by my good friend, Asher Collie. Now she and her husband, Dru, have made it their #1 mission to see Sole Hope’s mission succeed.

In their words:

“Our mission is to offer HOPE to widows, orphans and others within impoverished and forgotten communities around the world by teaching the simple trade of shoemaking which provides jobs and shoes to those in need.”

Right now Sole Hope has an opportunity to win a $50,000 grant. In any economy, that’s a lot of money and would go a long way in helping their mission succeed.

This grant would enable Sole Hope to build a facility in Ndola, Zambia where they can store materials and teach the art of  shoe-making to widows.

So, what simple way can you make a BIG difference?

Go HERE, bookmark the link and vote for Sole Hope every single day until March 31st.

That’s it. A simple way to make a BIG difference.


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