what made my thursday [prince charming & robin hood]

Since getting married it continually amazes me how even the simplest of things hold so much joy and meaning. They did before, but it seems I realize it more easily now that I share my life, 24/7 with someone else. Now that I love someone like I love Matt. Every moment together is precious.

I’m talking about simple things like enjoying our lunch on a bench outside, soaking up the sun while the wind plays in the water fountain by us. Talking, laughing, kissing and just enjoying the moment. It cost nothing. But it held so much meaning – memories that I will hold in my heart forever.

My Prince Charming – oh, so handsome and wonderful – made my Thursday.

As did the Robin Hood outfit I put on today without thinking about it. I got in the car and realized, I look like Robin Hood. Darn. I should have worn a feather in my hair. 🙂


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