our next adventure

Our next “mark-it-on-the-calendar” adventure begins the third week in June.

We are free. Those three words are glorious to type out. There is nothing quite like them. We probably won’t ever be this free again, so we are capitalizing on the moment. We are seizing the opportunity to dream big, to live to the fullest, to walk the edge between the known and the unknown…and decide the unknown is worth getting to know.

The next few months will be filled with packing, selling, arranging, planning and anticipating. We are moving to Germany. It may be for two months. It may be for two years. We’re really not quite sure. But God is. So far the doors are swinging open and we are excited to walk through them.

We are free.

Free to go.
Free to live our dreams.
Free to take two checked bags and leave the rest behind.
Free to set off on an adventure. Just us.
Free to see what’s beyond the horizon.
Free to not know.
Free to find out.


Cheers to our next adventure!


4 thoughts on “our next adventure

  1. YIPEE!!!!!!!! I’m so excited for you guys!!!! What an opportunity you have. It’s just awesome.

    I’ll email soon! : )

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