what life was like before

I never want to forget.

The waiting, the praying, the ups & downs, the joys & heartaches, the times of loneliness, the questions & answers, the adventures & the days where the empty horizon seemed to stretch on forever.

I would not trade my brief years of singleness for anything. Of course, they didn’t seem brief at the time. But they were. In retrospect, they flew by.

I was able to do and experience so much – so many things that have shaped who I am and define my existence. I was able to learn and grow. I was able to reach higher, go farther and dream bigger than I ever thought possible.

Well, than I ever thought possible alone. By necessity, I learned to branch out, to explore, to look beyond myself and my fears of being on my own. I still don’t like being alone…but I became a lot better at it than I ever thought possible.

I never want to forget. The challenges, the excitement,  the victories & failures, the goals reached, the lessons learned. I never want to forget what life was like before. Before Matt. Before marriage.

And I know I won’t. It’s too much apart of who I am, woven into the very fiber of my being. And I’m so very grateful. Because of those single years…

I am more thankful
I am more content
I am more whole
I am more aware
I am more brave
I am more strong
I am more me


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