my guy

He’s pretty much the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me. And I’m not exaggerating.

When I have my mini breakdowns (am I the only one???) he comforts me and cheers me up and kisses me back to better mental health 😉 I don’t know how I ever made it through before. I really don’t.

When I’m tired, he hugs me and rubs my shoulders and pitches in with the dishes and the cleaning. And I feel my load get that much lighter and my world become that much brighter.

When I doubt my ability to accomplish something, he tells me I’m amazing and wonderful and I can do anything I set my mind to. He encourages me to reach for the stars. He helps me see the best in myself.

When I feel totally unattractive, he tells me I’m the most beautiful woman in the world. He is constantly building me up so that I have no choice but to believe it 😉

He’s my guy. And he’s the best.

I love you, babe.


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