what made my thursday [a little late]

I’m not going to lie. Thursday was pretty crappy. Hence the reason I haven’t written about it until now. It’s taken me that long just to get over it. I’m joking.

Anyways, it was still pretty bad. Or I was pretty bad. In Matt’s words, “You were pretty funky.” Yes, I was. Nothing was wrong, but everything was wrong. Yes, it was one of those days. Horrible.

And then 3:30pmish rolled around. And a delivery man walks into the office with this lovely bouquet of flowers. And he says they’re for Hannah McKay. And I say, that’s me. And then practically start crying while I’m trying to sign for them.

The note was the absolute sweetest and really sent me over the edge. Thankfully I was left in peace for a few moments to compose myself and admire the beauty of the gift – both the flowers and the amazing thoughtful guy who is my husband. My husband. Yes, it’s still sinking in.

Just at the right time, Matt swooped in to save the day. My horribly, funky, awful Thursday.

And that’s what made my Thursday this week. My husband. Matt. The love of my life.

XOXOXO, baby! You are the best. EVER.


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