just today, just us

This morning we slept until we woke up. No alarms. No dashing to turn on the space heater. No rushing to beat 7:45am. No drinking coffee from a travel mug.

This morning we laid in bed a little longer. We snuggled. We got up when we wanted to. We didn’t look at the clock. We drank our coffee from real mugs. It was sweet.

This morning I decorated for Valentine’s Day. Now our house is appropriately sprinkled with hearts and reds and pinks. Pics below.

This morning Dad came over and spent some time with us. It was so nice to talk and catch up and have that time together.

This afternoon I laughed so hard Matt said it qualified as my workout for the day. Twice in the space of a minute Matt said something right before I was about to say it. You might have had to be there, but it was pretty hysterical. We’re perfect for each other.

This afternoon I made us milkshakes. And they were delicious. It made me feel like it should be summer instead of January. Soon.

This afternoon I laid on the couch and read my book. I haven’t done that in a really long time. It felt so nice.

This evening we watched a chick flick…and Matt actually liked it. We’re going to watch another movie, too…probably not a chick flick 😉 And I’m making calzones and we’ll probably stay up really late.

This evening I’ve felt good for the first time in a long time. As in, physically good. I slept so well last night (might be because we left a window open and it was nice and chilly outside the covers and it felt like we were camping without the hard ground part). Maybe tonight will be a repeat.

This evening is the perfect Saturday evening in pretty much every way.

(Finished product. Our love story told with conversation hearts.)


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