my best memories

“You remind me of my best memories growing up,” he said to me while we were driving home the other night. The sun was dipping below the horizon, painting a masterpiece of yellows and pinks and oranges. “You know when you were a kid and everything was innocent and pure? Well, that’s how I feel about being married to you.”

My heart melted all over again. He has a way of doing that. I felt the same way, I just hadn’t known how to express it. It’s like we’ve always known each other; the best times of our lives were shared though apart. Somehow, over the years, our hearts were being woven together until the perfect time. God’s time. When we would meet, fall in love and commit our hearts to each other, forever. So, I was alone…but I wasn’t really alone after all.

Now I know – during the making of my best memories – he was there. All along. He still is. The best is yet to come.

Being able to commute together is such a blessing and an answer to prayer. Actually, it’s an answer to prayer that we didn’t even know to pray. We were praying for a job opportunity, but never did we think we would end up working at the same place.

It’s been the perfect scenario for this season of our lives. We share the commute, we share lunch and we share much needed time together that would otherwise be spent apart. And I hate being apart. Even one work day is far too long.

Royal Bavaria is celebrating their 19th Anniversary every weekend this month, so we decided to get in on a little bit of the fun. It was a blast. Great food & great fellowship. We didn’t win anything in the raffle, but we had a good time hoping…and listening to the oompha band 😉

Food from our week:

(L to R)

Banana Nut Oatmeal
Stuffed Zucchini
Beans & Rice w/crusty bread
Diet Dr. Pepper popsicles
Tortilla Pizza
Eggs, bacon & toast
Tomato Soup & Waffle Iron Grilled Cheese
Chocolate Chip Scones (the non-skinny version 😉 )
The Deluxe Sandwich

Happenings from our week:

(L to R)

Getting my hair done
Five Guys for lunch
Camping in the backyard
A new tie
Glasses just for fun
Jewelry from Matt
Is it a girl or a boy?
It’s a Boy!!!!!
A much needed Sonic break


I stumbled across a blog I love. It’s here if you’re interested. I love it because her writing is real with beautiful photography and practical (as in I would actually wear it) fashion inspiration. I need all of the above.

Anyway, the author of the blog had a baby not too long ago and she was talking about how she really wants to soak up her first year as a mom. That’s when it hit me. This is my first year as a wife. A wife. After almost three months it still feels surreal. I have to keep pinching myself. It’s so hard to explain because it’s felt so natural – but it is so amazingly out of this world at the same time. To be a wife to my very best friend – a wonderful, kind and thoughtful man who exceeds all of my dreams and expectations.

And that’s why I want to focus on soaking up this first year as a wife. I’ll never have it back again. And it’s a wonderful first. One to be commemorated and celebrated. One to be thankful for with every breath that I breathe. Not to be taken for granted for one second.

It’s hard for me to put into words things that I feel deeply. Most of the time that means I don’t even try. The only problem with that is my memory far too often fails me. And I want to remember. Forever. So, I’m going to do better at soaking up this first year and writing about it and taking pictures. So I don’t forget.


I have a thing for polka-dots right now. Like these. I’m not sure why. But I’m on a mission to find some to add to my wardrobe.

We hope your weekend is as fantastic and relaxing and wonderful as you’re anticipating!


2 thoughts on “my best memories

  1. I love that you are soaking every moment in. I love that you are taking many pictures and putting many memories onto paper. Being married felt immediately so natural to me too. No “tough first year” that we had heard so many people talk about. Our first year was a little slice of heaven. : )

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