looking back [2011 timeline]

It is God’s Spirit that changes the atmosphere of our way of looking at things, and then things begin to be possible which before were impossible. ~Oswald Chambers, “My Utmost for His Highest”


– I start my new job
– I start my last semester of my masters program
– The family travels to CO for my grandma’s funeral


– A massive snow storm hits and we get a snow day
– Another massive snow storm hits, we get another snow day
– The family travels to Austin so Dad and Lydia can run a half marathon


– I study my heart out and have my final defense for my masters portfolio
– I join eHarmony not really thinking anything will come of it
– Lydia and I find a house to rent, put down a deposit and make plans to move


– I turn in the final copy of my portfolio after two semesters of hard work
– I complete my final classes for my masters program
– Lydia and I move into the new house


– My office runs the Memorial Marathon as a relay
– I graduate on the 7th
– Mom and I take an amazing trip to Florida
– I watch the sunset on the beach on my 27th birthday


– Lydia and I start a girl’s summer Bible study at our house
– Matt flies out to meet me; sparks fly


–  I fly to Seattle for 4th of July weekend to see Matt; sparks continue to fly
–  Matt flies out to spend the weekend with me; we talk marriage
– Dad, Lydia, Matt and I run/kayak in the River Sport Challenge


– Matt and I set a date. We decide on a beach wedding in Florida.
– I get to spend an afternoon with my good friend Asher and her kids
– I fly to Seattle for the weekend
– Matt officially proposes beside Lake Crescent as the sun is setting; the ring is gorgeous
– We fly to Mississippi to see Matt’s family


– Wedding planning is in full force
– I fly to Seattle one, last time so we can road trip Matt’s Jeep down south
– We cover eastern Washington, cross the Continental Divide, see the Grand Tetons, exhaust the desolate stretches of Wyoming and visit my grandpa in Colorado
– We road trip with my family to Chicago for my grandpa’s wedding, take a train into downtown Chicago, enjoy some pizza and explore in the rain
– Matt gets out of the Navy


– All of Matt’s things arrive, Lydia moves into a new apartment and starts a new job
– All of the wedding plans come together
– We do our engagement photo shoot
– I have my wedding shower
–  We all travel to Florida for the wedding
– We spend a few days relaxing at the beach house, spending time with friends and family


– Matt and I get married on the 2nd in a beautiful ceremony on the beach; the weather is gorgeous and the day is a dream
– We fly to Fiji and spend three days soaking up the tropical paradise
– We fly to New Zealand and spend seven days exploring the south island and Wellington
– We fly home and settle into married life
– Matt turns 29 on Thanksgiving Day; we celebrate both events at home, together
– We buy a tree and decorate for our first Christmas


– We make the most of every moment and celebrate the Christmas season to the fullest
– I bake like crazy
– Matt has a start date for his new job
– We go to the Christmas Eve service at Frontline and have Christmas Eve dinner at Stella’s with Mom and Dad
– We celebrate Christmas Day at home, together
– We ring the New Year in with Mom and Dad

And now it’s a new year – 2012. We can’t wait to see all that it holds!!!!


One thought on “looking back [2011 timeline]

  1. So wonderful. I love how your year lines up so well with the verse about God doing far beyond all that we could ask or think. I love how when Matt comes into the picture, you start glowing in photos. : ) Happy New Year!

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