Today my heart is overwhelmed with gratefulness.

Actually I live in a constant state of overwhelmed-ness.

I can’t help it.

This time last year my life had literally fallen apart. At least that’s how it appeared to me – from the outside. What I couldn’t see was that God was radically redirecting my life for a wonderful reason. I’m sure there are many more reasons than just the #1 reason I can see now, but even if there aren’t, it was absolutely [without a doubt] worth it for just that one.

The #1 reason: so that I would meet Matt. The love of my life. The only man on earth who completes me.

I fall more and more in love with him every day.

And I am more and more overwhelmed with gratefulness.

Gratefulness that God didn’t give me what I wanted. That He saw my tears and heartache but was more determined to give me what I would cherish for a lifetime than to ease my sorrow for a moment.

Oh, dear God…thank You. Sometimes I start to pray, to try and say thank You for Your blessings. And I only fall short. Please accept my failed, utterly inadequate attempt to say thank You.

You had my heart before a certain man was even present in my thoughts. And You will always have it. I guess that’s the very best way I can say thank You.

So, I live this Christmas season overwhelmed by gratefulness.

As we decorate, put up our tree, string our lights, hang our advent calendar and our mistletoe.

As I bake and make our house as homey as possible.

As we spend time with family and friends.

As we wrap gifts, listen to Christmas music and decorate our gingerbread house.

As we go out on lovely Christmas dates, take in the winter scenes and soak up every last drop of the “most wonderful time of the year.”

Of this I’m sure: my overwhelmed-ness won’t end Christmas Day.

Every day of the year that I spend with Matt is Christmas Day. Times ten.

And all I can say is, “Thank you, God.”


2 thoughts on “overwhelmed-ness

  1. This just makes me smile. You guys are so perfect for each other and God is SO GREAT to have brought you together. Your story….wanting something that God said no to, and then seeing later on that He DID have a plan – Hannah, it is just so encouraging. Many MANY blessings to you and Matt. : ) Merry Christmas!

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