home sweet home

We decided to build a gingerbread house. And I’m so glad we did. I think it turned out beautifully – a true custom home 😉

(The beginning stages of construction)

(Don’t let this picture fool you – Matt did all the heavy lifting 😉 )

(The finishing touches…and Matt’s “gingerbread alien”)

(Complete and ready for move in. Home sweet home)


One of the great things about celebrating our first Christmas together has been the melding of old and new traditions. I have pinned so many ideas on Pinterest and wanted to try a few. I’ve tried to make the ideas reflect “us” and also use things I had around the house.

One of the ideas I tried was a homemade Advent calendar. I adapted it a little so I could use resources I had on hand. It turned out very close to what I had envisioned.

Inside each folded slip of paper I wrote a different way to celebrate Christmas (read Luke 2, slow dance to Christmas music, make homemade marshmallows, etc).  We’re like little kids again, excited to open one each day 🙂


And I have been baking my heart out. I love it.

(More sugar cookies)

(Phone pics [clockwise from top left]: my new Kitchen-Aid mixer [that I L.O.V.E.], marshmallows I finished last night, peanut butter bars and apple dumplings)

(More phone pics from our triple date last Friday night. We went to the Purple Bar at Nonna’s and then to a showing of A Territorial Christmas at the Pollard Theater in Guthrie.)

(Phone pic: girl time on a Tuesday evening. Fun and fellowship…and the time flew by too fast! I love you, girls!)

I’m so excited that next week is Christmas!

Which reminds me… I have a few more gifts to wrap and a few more recipes to make 😉


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