each heart knows





I love being married to my husband.

And there is no possible way to describe the depth of joy, gratefulness and love wrapped up in that one sentence.

“Each heart knows its own bitterness, and no one else can fully share its joy.” (Psalm 14:10)

That is the conclusion I’ve come to. Each person walks their own path in life. No one can honestly say, “I know exactly what you’re going through, exactly how you feel.” There is empathy. There is sympathy. There is pity. I’ve experienced all three.

But only each heart really, truly knows the depths of its darkness, difficulty and pain…and the heights of its joy, gratefulness and love. Only each heart really knows the crushing weight of a heart break or the unfathomable beauty of a dream come true.

I guess it’s just the way it is. Each heart knows…just that individual heart…holding a secret shared with God alone.

There have been times that I prayed God would carry me through…heal my heart…give me the strength to move on.

There have been times that I prayed that God would help me take it all in…grasp the depth of His blessings…give me the ability to memorize every detail so that I can remember it forever.

Like right now.

Each heart knows…


(Our nativity and our mistletoe 🙂 )

These weeks before Christmas are fairly slow, in a good way, each day gently falling into place like the wispy [teasing] snowflakes that have fallen from the sky. This is a good thing. A great thing. I am happy for the time to reflect, to enjoy, to really soak up our first Christmas together.

We have the old mixed in with the new – traditions passed down from year to year sprinkled with brand-new ones. And I am so excited.

This year we will:

– hang a sprig of mistletoe
– decorate a gingerbread house
– make an advent calendar
– go to a showing of A Territorial Christmas
– buy almost two dozen Christmas candles 🙂
– put up a real Christmas tree
– bake some new recipes [peanut butter chocolate chip cookieswhite chocolate cherry shortbread…]
– watch White Christmas

And much, much more!

Matt, I’ll never stop saying this: I love you. I am so grateful to be spending this Christmas with you, as your wife.

Each heart knows…


8 thoughts on “each heart knows

  1. I wanted to tell you that your wedding pic of the two of you on the beach looks like it should be grace the front of a bridal magazine…absolutely stunning! Also that verse had never caught my eye before. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. It is so very true.

  2. I absolutely adore seeing how happy you are. Love is truly an amazing mystery. Thanks for keeping up with your blog and letting us be a small part of your beautiful life.

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