vignettes: our celebrations

We had a lot to celebrate this week: Matt’s birthday, Thanksgiving, putting up our first Christmas tree, making our first batch of Christmas cookies…

Here are some vignettes from our celebrations:

(Birthday breakfast)

(Our turkey – 18lbs. Yes, I know…but we now have three meals worth of sliced turkey in the freezer and plenty of leftovers for the whole weekend)

(Cooking, cooking, cooking…)

(Our table and the finished product)

(The birthday boy with his egg custard pie)


(Bringing the tree home…and warming up Thanksgiving leftovers…of course 😉 )

(The transformation began…)

(…while I started the Christmas cookies…and took lots of pictures…)

(The Light Master)

(Decorating the tree)

(I hung ornaments from the curtain rods and it looks so Christmasy. I love our center piece – especially the candle holders inside the wreath. Thank you, Chrissy!!! They are making our Christmas that much more “twinkly” 🙂 )

(Christmas cookie time…)

(I found a fabulous recipe here. SO yummy)

This will not be the last of our Christmas Season adventures…or our celebrations.



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