our honeymoon adventures [in pictures]: part three

New Zealand – Home of the Kiwi

First stop: Queenstown

(Breakfast and coffee in the Nadi airport while we waited for our flight to Aukland)

(Nadi to Aukland then Aukland to Queenstown. FYI: Air New Zealand is THE BEST)

(Our place in Queenstown)

(We had breakfast both mornings at The Bakery – delicious)

(Exploring Queenstown on a chilly, overcast day – fun)

(A cup of deep, dark hot chocolate and bold coffee as a warm up – lovely)

(Our coffee break vistor)

(Picking up our rental car and driving on the left side of the road – exciting. Matt was a natural!)

(Lunch at The Flame bar & grill – yummy)

(Relaxing at the Onsen Hot Pools – wonderful)

(The Skyline Gondola – beautiful)

Up Next: Mt. Cook.

Stay tuned!


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