our honeymoon adventures [in pictures]: part one

No doubt these will be long posts.

And no doubt there will be many posts. With many pictures. We took well over 1,000.

I won’t narrate much, just let the pictures speak for themselves. They encapsulate our memories.

It was a wonderful, beautiful, perfect honeymoon. We soaked up every moment. We had the time of our lives.


Our travel adventures began at about 2:00pm on Thursday, November 3rd in the Panama City Beach airport.

We got our first glimpse of Fiji around 8:45am on Saturday, November 5th.

(Waiting for our boat out to the Matamanoa Island Resort)

(Enjoying our boat ride)

(Pulling up to our island)

(What greeted us when we arrived)


(Our beach front bure)


(Breakfast on our first morning)

(Glimpses of the resort)

(Enjoying the beach)

Part two coming soon…


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